The Forgotten

by Richard Hiorns

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released May 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Richard Hiorns England, UK

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I’m a sailor on your high seas
You won’t find me ever earthly
Will you ever see
Will you ever see

I’m a cygnet on your river
Going back and forth, here and thither
I will wave and smile
Never wave goodbye

Something’s stolen
Something’s broken
Someone fallen
Some will hold on
Some are roaming freewheeling

I’m a joker in your parlour
I will try to, to amuse you
Playing parlour games
Laugh away the rain

I’m a painter I will paint a
Picture of you, capture your hue
Capture your face
With only oil paint
Though it’s only me
What did you think you’d see

Something’s stolen
Something’s broken
Someone hoping
Life’s imploding
Someone sold on
To the ocean
Some are frozen out
Some are chosen
Guess that I’m just freewheeling
Track Name: REMEMBER
Remember how you were
Remember .....
Remember when the world turned
You try to.....
You try to talk like you did
Remember how sweet the life

Yesterday is gone but far from over
And tomorrow won’t pull you under

Remember when you could fly
It’s just a.....
It’s just a simple lie

Wade out to the shore, into the water
Came in from the cold like any wanderer

I don’t need another memory to fill my head
I just want you in my life and in my bed
More than just another good time you are the best
You are the best

And if I seem a little strange
Maybe I’m coming on too strong, but anyway
I can’t help it I been thinking about you night and day
I can’t hide the way I feel I whisper down the line
Don’t worry ‘bout me baby, I’m not the hurting kind
I feel so sorry when you turn you head back to the sky
But I love you baby
You know I love you

I don’t need another memory to fill my head
I just want you in my life and in my bed
More than just another good time you are the best
You are the best

And ever since the first day when I saw you there
A smile on your face and your flowing crimson hair
I knew that there was something strange brewing in the air
Your voice was gentle sometimes living gets so hard
Your touch was soothing, somehow you found a way to my heart
I couldn’t bear to think we never even made it past the start
So don’t throw it all away
Little birds are in the field
Can’t be bought they can’t be beat
So just fly away
And on the streets the people call
The people scorn and pressmen stalk
Can’t hide away

Selfless courtiers on parade
Another sale another day
Taking back what you own
Going back to what you know

And no’ one gets it all
From the fountain to the shore
No’ one gets it at all

Streaming down a lonely hill
Little bird flies and sings
Just a cry away
Until one day the vultures call
Grew too loud she just couldn’t be heard anymore

Hanging with the London guns
Taking hits for everyone
Falling demons falling hail
Little bird trapped in their cage

And no’ one gets it all
From the mountain to the wall
No’ one gets it at all

And all that’s left in paradise
People laugh together walk in line
But they won’t fly away
Track Name: THE MOON
I was only a child when I first caught your eye
On a train bound for Birmingham
And I knew from the start you could sabotage my heart
For a new love you’d meet at the next turn
And the poison you gave it still burns

But the moon keeps on letting her down
And the stars up above have her pinned to the ground
Yes the moon keeps on letting her down
But I won’t cry
No I won’t cry

I was only a child when I first heard your lies
In a room up on Villiers Street
You spoke of the Gods and the angels and stars
You claimed that you could see Apollo in me
I laughed till I fell off my feet

I was older and sane when I saw you again
Leaning ‘gainst the rail to keep you thoughts upright
And I thought to myself can’t go through this scene again
I found the way out just in time
I was gone by the morning light

Well I’m sorry my friend if I seem to offend
But you really shouldn’t treat people this way
And I don’t want to hate but you sicken me with rage
I hope I never have to see again
Take your words back they’re useless anyway


But she won’t cry
No she won’t cry
Somewhere across the sea and over
A strange land without water
Just oil upon the sand

Someone is hiding in the tower
Among the plastic flowers
And sleeping with the past

Till the end of time they will not ease
Till there’s nothing left of you and me
Till the cloud bursts high and everyone falls down

Somewhere a train is headed nowhere
And filled with virgin soldiers
Screeching on the track

Someone is waiting for the order
Is waiting by the border
Obeying all commands

Just a number on your t.v screen
Just a picture on the mantelpiece
Just a flaming ball into the world that you own
Track Name: IT'S NO SECRET
In the light – nothing is lost and nothing matters much at all
Never mind – the nights we spent are gone and that is all she wrote

So straighten up your face
And come out of the rain
There’s no hiding place
Might as well just play

It’s no secret that I loved you
You just knew it all too well
And it’s no secret that you want me
Anyone with brains could tell

Out of time – you say that you can’t find a minute in your day
By and by – I don’t expect to see you ‘round here anyway

So turn your eyes away
And find another game
I’m walking down the lane
I got no love to waste, no no

It’s no secret that I loved you
Any fool with eyes could see
And it’s no secret that you want it too
You just bring it on to me

It’s no secret that I loved you
Any simple mind can feel
And it’s no secret that you want it too
You just bring it on to me
Come down to the meadow
My only desire
With you resting over me
Helplessly entwined
Your touch is all I need
My summer love
My summer love

Come over to the window
There’s something in the field
We could lie on a hill somewhere
And give in to belief
As the rain washes over
Our summer love

Swallows wake in the morning sun
All the bad things are gone
All the music that we’ll become
Fills my soul

Come out to the mountains
I’ll show you in a dream
We could dance by a dying flame
In the mystic Autumn breeze
But let’s not think about tomorrow
My summer love
Track Name: MARIANNE
Along the riverbank they walked hand in hand
And the drums beat far below
And every day it was just the same
And the water gently flowed

Do you care that the rivers turned black
Do you miss me at all Marianne

Yes I tried to be all that I could be
To stay up in your heart
In your flowered dress and old fashioned sense
I’d never stray too far

Do you wonder sometimes where it’s at
Do you miss me at all Marianne

Now the nights are long and the flowers gone
And so much is left behind
And the sunlight burns through a desert world
I’ve seen people fall like flies

Do you bury your head in the sand
Do you miss me at all Marianne